Pieces & Prints

At peices & Prints, the emphasis is on quality: Garments of the highest quality made from a premium material once descibed as the "Fibre of the Gods" and reserved only for royalty.

As one of the few specialist retail outlets in Victoria, we offer premium product at reasonable prices, usually well below recommended retail price. As alpaca breeders we have an intimate understanding of what goes into making a quality alpaca product.

We also offer a range of collectables: porciline, originall paintings and more items sourced from around the world.

Pieces & Prints

50 Piper Street Kyneton 3444

Open 10:30am - 4:30pm Wed -Sun

Specializes in:

  • Locally grown and produced alpaca product
  • Australian alpaca product / garments
  • Quality imported Peruvian garments
  • Alpaca specilists
  • Canine, feline and equine collectable items
  • Douetan
  • Beswick
  • Search service for those hard to find canine colectable peices